filmed and edited by Jonathan Hutchinson


Promo video of the 15 artists involved with Dear Kingston...

'Dear Kingston...', curated by Su Sheedy, was a one day outdoor art exhibition on June 23, 2013 with 15 temporary word sculptures installed by artists along Kingston's downtown shoreline, as part of the Shoreline Shuffle. Each word or phrase was relevant to the need of its immediate surroundings and drew reference to place, community desire, and the need for change along Kingston's waterfront.

The Shoreline Shuffle, organized by David McDonald, Su Sheedy, Lea Westlake, and Mary Farrar, was designed to create awareness about the need for better public spaces and planning on our waterfront. The Shuffle brought together hundreds of walkers, cyclists and paddlers over a stretch of downtown Kingston, from Douglas Fluhrer Park to Lake Ontario Park. Many participants had never gone end to end before, so it was a chance to see things first hand. It was also a great way to build a waterfront coalition, as the planning of the event brought together some 25 different organizations

All videos for the Shuffle were filmed and edited by Jonathan Hutchinson

still from Jonathan Hutchinson on Vimeo.

a love story

kali is played by Emma Johnstone

suffocation from Jonathan Hutchinson on Vimeo.

This video explores the body placed in water. The living, breathing body is submerged underwater, and the water creates reflections and refractions on the surface of the body, while the surface of the water itself holds its own reflections. To create a sense of disorder, the body remains underwater, slowly losing air, for as long as possible before it runs out of air. As it surfaces, the tension experienced while viewing its underwater struggle is broken- both literal and figurative. However, in order to immediately continue the (figurative) tension, the body immediately retreats beneath the surface of the water. This extends the artist’s feelings towards the viewer, also aware of the feeling of being breathless underwater. The tension is intentionally created for the purpose of the piece, but can be appreciated by anyone viewing it.

drowning pools from Jonathan Hutchinson on Vimeo.


Music by D33J

X-Amounts from Jonathan Hutchinson on Vimeo.

My hybrid project. The narrative established by each scene is ambiguous- that is, neither the clip nor the still fully explains the entire situation. The combination of the two is important, but ultimately the viewer is left to his or her own devices in deciding exactly what transpired, and so each viewer understands the piece differently. There is no overarching continuity or narrative between each scene, and no links are intentionally made between the scenes, though some imagery may suggest otherwise. Each narrative is unique unto itself, and the visual differences given to each scene stress the lack of continuity between them, and indirectly insert meaning.