Author David Nickle notes that “an uncanny moment occurs when reality starts to change, when the quotidian is intruded upon”. This statement provided inspiration for this series, which assembles images that consider moments of the uncanny as they relate to the human form. The images in this series at once present the security of a place, while simultaneously bringing into question that same security: in the darkened space, what is the meaning behind the looming figure? What significance does the lighting or gesture have to the image? These terrible possibilities are meant as potential: potential readings of the images, potential conclusions drawn from them. This series is less a subtle suggestion of narrative in each image, and more of an obvious, intentional intrusion into each image, where the what is (mostly) explained, with the who, where, when and why left as questions for the viewer. Here, the meaning and intent of the normally familiar human form are put into question, under the context of the uncanny.