(The Hybrid)

X-Amounts from Jonathan Hutchinson on Vimeo.


The hybrid project. The narrative established by each scene is ambiguous- that is, neither the clip nor the still fully explains the entire situation. The combination of the two is important, but ultimately the viewer is left to his or her own devices in deciding exactly what transpired, and so each viewer understands the piece differently. There is no overarching continuity or narrative between each scene, and no links are intentionally made between the scenes, though some imagery may suggest otherwise. Each narrative is unique unto itself, and the visual differences given to each scene stress the lack of continuity between them, and indirectly insert meaning.

The placement of the pairs side-by-side stresses the importance of each individual clip/still, and the scene as a whole: each half of the pair needs to be considered on its own in order to understand it properly, and as a result the dialog created by the two can be better understood, as both play parts in the same (ambiguous) narrative.

The physical structure of this piece makes each half necessary to the other, and engages the viewer further with the piece: each 'side' must be considered in turn. My intention is to engage the viewer, and to chill and unsettle him or her with the narratives, and finally to disrupt the expected narrative of the traditional (short) film drama.
Here, a hybrid reality is created when the still image is stretched out over time, while being combined with the moving picture.